Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Partial Radio Silence

Hi y'all how have you been doing? Me, well I'm still a bit stressed but that is a normal state of affairs for me when things are due or things are up in the air. Both are the case right now so I'm not hugely surprised. I've had a paper to write that I feel is a big deal (proposing to my committee what I intend to do for my thesis) but some say it is just a formality... I'm off to a super big conference on Thursday afternoon until the following Friday (from the first to the ninth) and that is the reason for the partial radio silence. I don't know how much commenting/posting I will be doing or how much time I will spend with the wonder that is Ravelry. I know I don't post all that frequently but I do comment so I thought I'd give everyone a heads up. Oh and by big, I mean that the San Diego Conference Center website says that the event is for 32,000 people! I'm a bit nervous about being around so many people and breathing science for so many days without much respite. I'm going to the Society for Neuroscience (SFN) annual conference but I'm not presenting (if I was then I'd really be a nervous wreck right now). I'm also attending a short course on the Friday that relates to my thesis. But I suppose I won't be at the conference every day - I will need time to just unwind. After I get back I meet with a potential PhD supervisor on the Monday (the 12th) and have my proposal seminar on the Thursday (15th). That means that I have to prep my presentation while I am away. I think this may be the root of most of my anxiety... I just don't know how much time I will have for myself.

But in the mean time I present you with a Scheherazade gauge swatch:

And the Scarf for Ally which is the Christmas gift for my step-mother-in-law. A similar scarf will be made for my mother-in-law (in progress) and I will make Branching Out (from knitty) for my maternal-grandmother-in-law (aka: Cory's mother's mother)

In the wash, it looked so cool - like algae...

The scarf:

And a close up:

I reduced the size of these but I think they should be still sufficient resolution for the web.


Denise said...

Oh well done on the lace scarf, it looks just stunning! Your step-MIL will LOVE it :D

Julie said...

OOooo! I always feel so horribly clever when I find someone has knit something I designed. Even if I didn't do any work.

It looks WONDERFUL! Lovely job. She should be thrilled with it.

BC said...

The scarf is amazing.

Have some fun at the conference too!

Amy Lane said...

That came out so well... don't forget to bring knitting to the conference!!!!

Susan said...

Absolutely exquisite lace knitting, Catie. I love your pattern and your color sense. You have a knack for making traditional knits look quite modern.

Good luck with the sciencey stuff. I live in awe!