Saturday, 20 October 2007

Vogue Knitting Holiday 2007

I bought the vogue knitting holiday edition for one pattern. I liked the lace shawl but with the lack of contrast with the outfit on the model I don't know how much I like it. I'm going to consider it a mystery project much like the mystery shawl I did this summer. But honestly, knitting from a written pattern shouldn't be a mystery project. I couldn't even get an idea of the pattern because the charts are available online. I also liked the Alice Starmore pattern... I'm not too sure how flattering fair isle is though.

I have a subscription to Interweave Knits and I will likely renew that one when the time comes - it is just such an awesome publication. I've heard good things about Rowan too but because it is so expensive with just 2 issues I have held off subscribing. What magazines do y'all get regularly or subscribe to?


Bells said...

It's hard to subscribe to IK in Australia because they mess it up a lot but I'm gonna give it a go because it costs a bomb to buy it here compared to the sub costs.

I have a subscription to a local one called Yarn which I quite like but just isn't anywhere near as satisfying at IK. I've never really been interested in VK so would only buy it if I leafed through it and something caught my eye.

Amy Lane said...

I love Interweave...and I hate it when you buy a magazine and only one thing appeals to you--IW always has a lot of good stuff in it...

Susan said...

Just VK. I used to get Knitters and IK too. Knitters' articles are the best. IK wins the Most Likely To Be Knit pattern contest but I gave up on it when Melanie Falick left. Thought it would be tough to top her editorial direction.

Don't know why I still subscribe to VK. I guess because after 3 or 4 issues that fall totally flat, they'll come out with one that blows my mind. Plus, they stand the test of time. Looking back at Knitters, everything looks dowdy. Looking back at VK, everything retains its stylish, so-fashion-forward-it's-classic edge. There are sweaters from Fall 1990 that I still want to knit.

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