Saturday, 29 September 2007

FO... no really, FO

I have completed the fulled project that I am using to try colour knitting in preparation for the Strikke-along. Can someone who has done colour knitting let me know if my floats were good - please. The pattern is the Lindy Bag by Amy Swenson. I used 3 balls of Ístex Álafoss Lopi (2 purple, 1 pink). It was super quick and I loved it.

And pre-felting (and pre handles):

Coming soon:
I have finished a Jayne Cobb's Cunning Hat (Firefly). I have a picture of the hat but I'd rather have one that is on Cory's head rather than on the floor.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

comfort movies

So I'm sure that everyone has heard of comfort food, the big one for me is chocolate. And comfort movies, they are typically your feel good movies, sappy, and family oriented. I just watched my main comfort movie, A Muppet Family Christmas. Yes I know it is September, but I've been watching this movie since I can remember and it just makes me feel good. If I am homesick this is the movie I should turn to. There are other movies that calm me - BBC production of Pride & Prejudice is a good one. And movies/shows that I just like to listen to - Joss Whedon's Firefly. But if I need comfort I turn to the "old" cartoons. I have A Charlie Brown Christmas (and am about to put that one in), Rudolf (the clay-mation one)... I really like the holiday specials, Christmas in particular but they all are good. So why am I in need of comfort? Well I'm a bit stressed (status quo for me) and my husband is out of town for a few days - that means I have no one complaining about me watching Christmas shows in September. I might watch my Muppets tomorrow too - like a kid I can watch it over and over, maybe not back to back in a single day but still a lot by adult standards. But honestly, where else can you get muppets, fraggles and sesame street all within 40 minutes? Okay, off to the movies again for me.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Lord of the Wetfood

So I woke up this morning and Cory told me that I said something hilarious last night while I was asleep. This is not unusual, I love to talk and I talk and complain in my sleep all the time. But this time he said I had a cat and Lord of the Rings reference (I watched the first half of the first movie a few days ago)...

"There is only one Lord of the Wetfood, nd she does not like to share the wetfood."

I didn't even remember the original quote until Cory told me this morning. I guess it is: There is only one Lord of the Rings, and he does not like to share power.

We were talking about our cats before I went to sleep last night. This has been cracking me up all day.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Ellie, you varmint!

Okay, so Julie always posts these pictures of Sekhmet being loving and generally getting in the way. "Sekhmet, you fucker" is a common post title. I'm trying to curb my swearing a bit so varmint is the word. Here is my kitty helping with my research for a grant proposal (due soon eep!) In the first image she is just sitting on me, tail in my face.

In the second image she has turned around because the camera on the computer makes a noise while taking a picture(Amy the program is photo booth and it saves to a folder called photo booth in the pictures folder that you can find in finder on the Mac - just mentioning it cuz you said you were interested in the photo taking capability of your new work tool (aka toy)).

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Taco Time Sells Sushi?!

It has been awhile since I last posted. I like posts with pictures and I had several big projects going that were all in the middle of progress. I have now finished and blocked the hanging garden stole. It was an awesome project and it was fairly simple. It was my first lace project. Before that I did a scarf that had a few yarnovers but it was nothing big. Oh and it was done in Lion Brand Midnight Mohair, not a lace weight yarn. Without further ado, the Hanging Garden Stole by Sivia Harding in Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace (Turqoise).

Zoie liked the blocking too. I kept them out of the room when I was not in there due to all of the pins but she came in when I was taking the pins out. My blocking wires have not yet arrived in the LYS, I should call them about that soon - if I remember. I have finished MS3 but not blocked it. I made the wing. It is in black Zephyr yarn with beads. The yarn is from Sarah's yarn. I have finished the cabled cardigan, it just needs buttons and a photograph. I have also almost finished my first toe up sock in my samurai yarn - technoblah. I'm ripping out 5 rows and then starting the cuff. I love the colours, the yarn is a bit splitty, but that is why she switched base yarns. I will try to post pictures of the sock soon. Oh and I made some Mason Dixon Knitting wash cloths.

These are addictive, I know there will be more. I found (finally) some sugar 'n cream cotton (recommended yarn) and it was cheap so I have a lot. But now I gotta go...

Oh yeah, about the title - the fast food chain Taco Time just started selling fresh sushi at the University of Calgary. It isn't awesome, but it is good enough to buy.