Thursday, 21 June 2007


I havent' posted lately because I've had no new knitterly things to say. My hanging garden stole is finished but not blocked (I've ordered some blocking wires because I think that I'm about to get obsessed with lace). I'm gearing up for Melanie's Mystery Stole #3 (MS3) - no yarn yet so no swatch. And I'm working on the cabled cardigan I mentioned before. I had to make a deal with myself - no new project until one more piece is complete (ex: a front). This is good because it has forced me to work on it and figure out the changes to be made. You see it is a good pattern but the yarn is smaller than called for. The yarn store said it would work but... well it is working, I'm just not sure I like the result. I next want to make either the Cardigan for Arwen or the Central Park Hoodie. I also have other projects lined up.

I'm on Ravelry - what a cool concept. My username is catiephillips. Not original but whatever.

I'm in the MS3 KAL. Never been in a KAL before but it ought to be fun. The group is huge (2000+ knitters) so there are tons of emails - several digests (25 posts per digest) per day. I've ordered my yarn - from Sarah's Yarns - JaggerSpun Zephyr in Ebony. There is the option of adding beads so I'm gonna look in the stash to see if I have the ones called for - 8/0s - in a good colour. My user name for the KAL is catie_phillips. I really love the concept of a mystery knit - we'll see how much I like it at the end though... I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up wiht the clues though. That just means that the mystery will be reduced if I look at what other people have produced.

Well I'm going to sign off now - this post has been brought to you via a paper towel in the lab - I was bored and didn't have a computer or an internet connection.