Thursday, 24 January 2013

2013 knitting

Other than the socks that jumped into the new years post - there's been other knitting too

Henslowe is actually finished - cast on January 1st and cast off January 18th - and it's blocked but no photos of that yet

Glove love was on the needles again - 4th pair I've knit for Cory - he bought me some Cascade 220 for Christmas so I could knit him a pair - so thoughtful eh? again, no photos yet

Voodoo You Love Me - by Susan Claudino - a knit for a swap I'm participating in in the Dancing Dog Dyeworks group. LOVE the pattern - and it was so much fun to decorate!

Haruni is nearing completion - just 2 more rows, an epic bind off and blocking remain

And I've got a pair of stripey socks on the go - with just a little bit of a pattern/recipe on them too

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

knitting - end of year recap

Oh and there's been knitting/crocheting -  here's what's off the needles since I last checked in:

except for the stripey socks that apparently jumped the queue in the January 1st post...

Charades got finished (Nov 25th I think...)

Cat toys got made - the girls LOVE this pattern - Zoie likes to destroy the tails - Ellie likes to chase them - I can't make these fast enough.

and destroyed

Some baby booties for a friend/colleague

A penguin Christmas ornament - this was a test knit for a friend - loved knitting him up

and a snowman one

2 larger snowmen, a tree, and a caroling bird

Greta the captivating cat

A pair of snowflake earrings
A dissected rat (belated birthday gift for a friend - she loves these things - I've made her the frog, pig and earthworm so far - up next is the bat)

A cowl for the same friend

And a cowl for me

Well that was a quick and dirty post - I'll try to be better about keeping up with my projects and details - if I don't have so many then it is easier to post more details. For now all the yarn, needle etc details, as well as any modifications - are in my Rav project pages

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

there's been spinning!

A verb for keeping warm - corridale - split the pink from the purple and spun them separately - then n-plyed them. I got about 45 yards of each.

Sweet Georgia Fiber - superwash BFL - spun and plyed (2 ply) on Christmas day - nice and bulky - club colourway from July 2012

And on the wheel as of last night - and the first thing on the wheel this year - a gift from Dana of the Just One More Row Podcast and Unwind Yarn Co. It's Mulberry silk silver from Tyrannosaurus Knits. I got almost half done last night - I like it, it isn't even but for my first time spinning silk I think I'm doing well. I'll 2 ply it and see what yardage I get - I could go so super fine with this fiber (and sometimes unintentionally do) but I'd rather more bulk right now - maybe that's because of the cold weather? I'll certainly buy more of this (though not from this dyer - she no longer seems to be dying)

Ten on Tuesday

The one with the stuff in my car -

This week’s directive is: “10 Things You Keep In Your Car”
1. window scrapers (3 of them at the moment - one works better for wiping snow off, the other 2 work better on the ice)
2. iPhone/iPod charger
3. cord that links the iPhone/iPod to the car audio system
4. BC license plates - from 2006 when we moved to Alberta
5. lint roller brush - we have 2 cats - a black and white one and a grey one - their fur is EVERYWHERE and the battle never ends
6. a loonie - for the carts at the grocery store
7. jumper cables
8. hamper full of travel safety things - like warm gloves, a blanket or two... it gets cold here and the roads can get bad
9. worther's original candies - not really sure why they're there
10. the iBent - well that's what we call it - Cory's iPod nano got caught in the door one time - it is bent but it technically still works - it is engraved and says Ninja Robot - I'll try to remember to take a photo tonight but don't hold your breath

11. spare grocery bags
12. kleenex
13. grocery bag for garbage
14. likely other random things in our trunk that I'm not thinking of right now - could be toilet paper, kitty litter...

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Right, so that didn't last long... I hope to be better in 2013, I swear

2012 has been great to me but I hope that 2013 will be even better. There are big things on the horizon - not the least of which is that I hope to start designing.

Goals - I'm not sure if I made any for 2012 - certainly not on the blog.

For 2013 here are some loose goals/guidelines/suggestions

  1. knit a sweater or two or more - starting with the Blackberry Cardigan by Alexandra Charlotte Dafoe
  2. spin more fiber than comes in - or at least break even
  3. the whole designing thing - at least 1 pattern
  4. knit more from patterns already in my library - I should put a number on this but I don't know what is reasonable - 2013 could be a very busy year so I'm going to keep this vague
  5. knit more with handspun - I'm going to say at least 6 projects with handspun MINIMUM
And in other news, I've got a butt-tonne of FOs from the end of November and December but I'm going to skip talking about all them and start fresh with January. I'll just direct you to my project pages on Ravelry.

I did finish a pair of self striping socks today - I just had half a heel to do but it is officially a 2013 FO