Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Ten on Tuesday

The one with the stuff in my car -

This week’s directive is: “10 Things You Keep In Your Car”
1. window scrapers (3 of them at the moment - one works better for wiping snow off, the other 2 work better on the ice)
2. iPhone/iPod charger
3. cord that links the iPhone/iPod to the car audio system
4. BC license plates - from 2006 when we moved to Alberta
5. lint roller brush - we have 2 cats - a black and white one and a grey one - their fur is EVERYWHERE and the battle never ends
6. a loonie - for the carts at the grocery store
7. jumper cables
8. hamper full of travel safety things - like warm gloves, a blanket or two... it gets cold here and the roads can get bad
9. worther's original candies - not really sure why they're there
10. the iBent - well that's what we call it - Cory's iPod nano got caught in the door one time - it is bent but it technically still works - it is engraved and says Ninja Robot - I'll try to remember to take a photo tonight but don't hold your breath

11. spare grocery bags
12. kleenex
13. grocery bag for garbage
14. likely other random things in our trunk that I'm not thinking of right now - could be toilet paper, kitty litter...

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