Wednesday, 23 January 2013

knitting - end of year recap

Oh and there's been knitting/crocheting -  here's what's off the needles since I last checked in:

except for the stripey socks that apparently jumped the queue in the January 1st post...

Charades got finished (Nov 25th I think...)

Cat toys got made - the girls LOVE this pattern - Zoie likes to destroy the tails - Ellie likes to chase them - I can't make these fast enough.

and destroyed

Some baby booties for a friend/colleague

A penguin Christmas ornament - this was a test knit for a friend - loved knitting him up

and a snowman one

2 larger snowmen, a tree, and a caroling bird

Greta the captivating cat

A pair of snowflake earrings
A dissected rat (belated birthday gift for a friend - she loves these things - I've made her the frog, pig and earthworm so far - up next is the bat)

A cowl for the same friend

And a cowl for me

Well that was a quick and dirty post - I'll try to be better about keeping up with my projects and details - if I don't have so many then it is easier to post more details. For now all the yarn, needle etc details, as well as any modifications - are in my Rav project pages

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