Monday, 17 September 2007

Ellie, you varmint!

Okay, so Julie always posts these pictures of Sekhmet being loving and generally getting in the way. "Sekhmet, you fucker" is a common post title. I'm trying to curb my swearing a bit so varmint is the word. Here is my kitty helping with my research for a grant proposal (due soon eep!) In the first image she is just sitting on me, tail in my face.

In the second image she has turned around because the camera on the computer makes a noise while taking a picture(Amy the program is photo booth and it saves to a folder called photo booth in the pictures folder that you can find in finder on the Mac - just mentioning it cuz you said you were interested in the photo taking capability of your new work tool (aka toy)).


Julie said...

AAAAH! We have the same evil cat! Look at the resemblance!

Amy Lane said...

Thanks, Catie!!! And I look forward to more kitty pictures!!!