Sunday, 7 October 2007

Local (to Canada) Links

So Julie has mentioned several times the places local to her that hold some significance to her (or are just really cool). I've been meaning to write a post with some of mine, and here is my list of local links that I think people would be interested in if they went to the appropriate towns/cities.

Calgary: where I live now

The most obvious is the University of Calgary . This is where I work and one of the places my life centers around. I've been attending the UofC for just over a year now as a graduate student and will likely be there for at least another 4 years.

Another obvious event in Calgary is the Calgary Stampede . This is a pretty big deal in Calgary, and in Canada period.

And a favorite restaurant, abeit expensive the River Cafe . I love this restaurant although being a student I wouldn't have even thought of trying it for a few years if my brother-in-law Jesse didn't work there for awhile. Now he has moved on to another city, but we are hooked. It is the anniversary dinner location of choice.

Seeing as this is a knitting blog, no list would be complete without my favorite local yarn store, Make 1 Yarn Studio . I have never met with friendlier people. The atmosphere is top notch and the yarns are well displayed.

Kelowna: where I used to live

I spent 5 years at the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus . For 4 of those years the school was Okanagan University College, but in 2005 UBC amalgamated/took over... whatever... the campus that I was attending. I think that it was a good thing that this happened. The school is expanding exponentially, the classes are getting bigger (boo) but there is so much more selection (yea) that it is likely worth it. The research coming out of this university, for those of you interested, is something to watch for. The college had been attracting high quality professors because of the location: Kelowna. There is a lake in the summer, warm weather, fruit and vineyards, and in the winter a ski hill.

During the course of our wedding we came in contact with a few awesome businesses that I want to mention.

First of all is Picture This Photography . It is a husband and wife team that is just starting out. They are very good and don't charge an arm and a leg. We are so pleased with the photos that we would hire them again if the occassion came up.

Second is Summerhill Pyramid Winery . This is where we had our reception, the food was wonderful, the service great and the view spectacular. This is but one of several wonderful, world class winery's in Kelowna and the surrounding area.

Canada: locations I enjoy visiting (and one that the husband adores)

I remember going to the dinosaur museum, The Royal Tyrrell Museum as a kid and being amazed. They are located in the badlands of Alberta. This is an area of Canada in which dinosaur bones have been discovered. We went back this summer for nostalgia (Cory visited the museum as a kid too) and I was really impressed with the interactive displays.

Also high on the interactive kid display quotient is The Canadian Museum of Civilization . I didn't go there as a kid but accompanied my neices and nephews at least once, possibly more times. It is located in Hull Quebec. They have a whole area where kids can explore different cultures through different houses (I think) and there are activities at all of the different "countries". The kids can also get a "passport" which they can have stamped as they visit the different countries.

And the final location on my list is Red Mountain Resort . This is a ski hill in Rossland British Columbia which is where the husband grew up. He spent many days on this hill and feels that it is the best ski hill in Canada. It is a very small town, quaint. I really like the town, I've never been on the mountain.


Julie said...

Woohoo! Thank you. This will keep me entertained for quite a while.

Ski slopes... I'd never thing to add a ski slope to local stuff... See how fun this is?

Susan said...

I knew I liked you but the fact that you held your wedding reception in a winery totally clinched it. That's so awesome! Wish there'd been such a thing in my day.

I've been to the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Not only are the displays top notch but the grounds are as well. What a view across the river into Ottawa! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props, Catie! I hope you and Cory are doing well! Look us up if you are ever back in Kelowna, and we'll go out for a coffee...Take care...Greg Cleaver, Picture This