Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Earliest memories

I've been thinking about posting my earliest memory here, especially because it relates to knitting. My earliest memory is of a white sweater, I think it was a cardigan, that had a rainbow of bobbles (or as my mom likes to call them: pimples). My mom (hi mom!) has confirmed the existence of this sweater and says that I was about 3 years old. But as far as I know, there are no photographs of this sweater and I've never seen it so I feel it is safe to say that it is my memory.

As a child my mom made a lot of my clothing (and by the time that I came along she was good at making clothes, I hear my siblings were not so fortunate - ha ha). And from photos I remember some sweaters. There was a light blue sweater with an orange stegosaurus (dinosaur was fabric I think) in grade 1 for when we were studying dinosaurs in class. There was a sweater with a hot air balloon appliqued on, and a knitted basket. In the basket there were two knitted dolls. There were a lot of aran sweaters. If I find photos of the sweaters I will post them when I get home.

Of course, even now there are some sweaters in my closet that she has made.

And on a different topic: what do you use to remove the pills on sweaters (and where can I find it)?


BC said...

A long time ago.... when I received a sweater from your Mom, she gave me a sweater "shaver" but I don't know where it came from. So it does exist but where...?

Susan said...

I've heard people swear by sweater stones for removing pills. Your LYS should stock them. Personally, I toss my sweaters into my mending basket to be hand-de-pilled where they sit for 6 months collecting their weight in dust until I get cold and go looking for them, at which point I'm so desperate, I just wear them pilly and sneeze a lot.

Amy Lane said...

I love the thing about the sweater...I actually still have a pink cloak that I asked my grandma to make for me...it's so cheezy, in Red-Heart and everything and I love it!