Thursday, 4 January 2007

Tentative User

So we'll see how this goes and how long I actually stick with it. I hope that this will allow me to communicate with friends and family in other parts of the world on a more regular basis. I'm currently obsessed with several knitting webblogs and as soon as I figure out how to post links I will tell you them. I know I can share pictures with this thing so I will and I will also use it to direct you to the webpage with our wedding pictures. Again, when I figure out how to post links and also when I actually put the pictures up there.
In recent news, I have been extremely forgetful (had to think of the word for a sec! *laugh*) and am seriously wondering how I ever got through my undergrad (and got good grades) much less how I got into grad school. Seriously. Today graduate school consists of making mice swim and being pee-ed/poo-ed on by said mice (no harm to mice! please don't blast me for my job, if you do your comment will be deleted - now I know friends/family will not blast me but as this is an open blog, others could theoretically find it. If you are the one of the few people in the world who do not use animal products and yet use a computer and can see this post, well fine you have a valid arguement. But even then, I think there have been studies to ensure that computers do not emit harmful freqencies etc. so I doubt that anyone in the world with access to my blog has no contact daily with products that have been tested, at some point, on animals. I'm not saying it is right, I'm saying it is necessary. I will rant another day I suppose). Classes start on Monday and I TA labs starting the following week.
In terms of knitting, which is an obsession of mine now I have made the three gifts that I half-assedly planned for Christmas and they are ready to be sent. One is for my mother-in-law, one is for my step-mother-in-law and one is for a buddy of mine who is back in Kelowna (and two of her dolls). My boxing day shopping consisted of going to my new favorite LYS (local yarn store) and buying yarn. Oh what a blast, seriously. Other boxing day shopping is unrealistic in a city like Calgary. Heck, it is a pain in the arse in a place like Kelowna which has fewer people (and fewer stores too though, so perhaps it evens out a bit). I am currently knitting a charcol coloured cardigan for myself with my first ever cables. I have the back done, 2/3 of a sleeve and 2/3 of the left front.
Christmas was good. Strange not to be with my parents (first time ever) though. Jesse came, as did one of Cory's cousins, Jonathan, so we were not alone. Good food was eaten. OMgoodness! I got a little bit drunk for the first time ever, at 24 years of age it is about time eh? It was Christmas eve and I've now discovered that I like wine. I got a big bottle of Bailey's in my stocking (well it was in the fridge because I have the smallest stocking in the house exception: kitties stockings). I suppose Bailey's is okay, definately not on its own though (that is how the men of the house drank it that day).
New years was lame. We went to sleep around 1030... And yes, it was sleep not newly wed sex.
Anyhoo, enough blathering.


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Anonymous said...

hey lady! haha....yeah same here for the time to get a little bit drunk phenomenon....rather interesting isn't it?