Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Early mornings

So today and the past two days and tomorrow I have to get up early. Like 5 am freakin early. And then I have to leave the house at approximately 537 to catch the bus so that I am at school before 7. As it turns out the bus gets me here for 615 with startling regularity. This is much faster than the bus I normally catch - most likely becase everyone else is still ASLEEP! But I'm not bitter... Oh who am I kidding, I am so bitter. This is for animal testing - I make mice swim these days. Don't feel bad for them, they actually like swimming. The buggers sometimes ignore the task and just float there. Almost as if they were a human just soaking up the sun in the carribean. Did I mention that it is pretty cold here? Well at least it is at 545 am - and it is super windy this week. So as a result it is 930 and I've been at work for over 3 hours. Now I have a break until 11am. I am having my first coffee (there was no time for american coffee this morning - i'd have to grind it and everything - and we are out of espresso) I had tea this morning. Nice I know but not enough caffeine.

I'll be back to post more in a bit - I'm off to figure out how to post links so that I can share my wierdness with you more effectively.

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