Saturday, 6 January 2007

It's a Nutty Life

I've been thinking about all of the crazy things that the cats have done in the past year and it is pretty strange. Topping the list is likely the "unplugging the fridge" incident. Oi, that was an experience, most of the stuff in the freezer had to be thrown out. We almost called the landlord to tell him that it was broken. Their current mischief includes attacking the Christmas tree such that there are pine needles everywhere (even in the bed and the bathtub) and chunks of the tree are on the floor (usually 3-5 cm long). Naturally there are ornaments on the floor too but that was almost expected. Ellie has this really annoying habit of putting things in the toilet. It is as if she has the toy in her mouth and wants a drink so she sets down the toy when she gets there. So today I flushed a toy by accident - her new chicken toy - but it is replaceable so I am not feeling too bad.

On the knitting front, I signed up for a class at Make 1 Yarn Studio - to make gloves. And I finished one of the sleeves on the current cardigan. But I think it is too long. Stupid pattern. So now I will finish the front that I have partially done, will seam the front to the back and see how the sleeve fits. If it is too long I will rip it back and redo it. Ugh, on one hand I hate redoing stuff but on the other hand, it makes the money spent on the yarn go further.


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