Friday, 5 January 2007


So as many of y'all know I moved to Calgary in August with the husband (Cory). I'm doing the graduate school thing (hence part of the name of the blog) and he is doing the work thing this semester (at Mount Royal College). I'm getting to know the city now and even have a few favorite places/stores. There are some things that are wierd about Calgary too though. The foremost of these is the Chinook phenomenon. The temperature fluctuates hugely here with little warning it seems. The weather forecast is even more of a crapshoot, unless it is the day of, then it is just a normal crapshoot. It can be warm (relative, remember we are still in Canada people) and therefore above zero in the morning, say around 9am, and then when you leave school it is cold and snowing and there is a cm or two of snow on the ground at 4pm. And people here don't think this is strange. The upshot of this is that it is seldom cold for extended periods of time. We've had about 1 week of what I'd call cold winter weather here so far. The rest is just a bit chilly. Of course that freakin cold week is when mom and dad came to visit... murphy's law I suppose. The downside is that all of your clothes need to be accessible. Not so bad in our place where we don't really have a place to put summer clothes away, they just go to less used drawers.

Places I like or am beginning to love in Calgary:
1) Springbank Cheese Store - Jesse works there, they have AWESOME cheese at reasonable prices. Cheese is now one of my favorite foods
2) Make One Yarn Store - Only been their once, Boxing Day, so it was crazy busy but the people seem really nice. I look forward to heading back.
3) The River Cafe - again Jesse works there, expensive but good food
4) Administration Building, University of Calgary - this is where my lab, office etc. exists. This is where I spend most of my time and thus by familiarity I like it. I don't like how I work in the basement with no windows but the people in the basement are nice and are my friends.

And of course I like our appartment. I would rather a house, but have you seen the prices of things in Calgary? No freakin' way we could afford one right now.

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