Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Some Days I Realize That I Should Have Just Stayed in Bed

Yesterday was one of those days. It started innocently enough - Ellie even let me sleep up to when the alarm went off... But from there it went downhill. I don't tend to blog about non-knitting problems but yesterday was too much to not tell.

I strongly suspect that I have Celiac Disease, and I've suspected/feared this for awhile. A few weeks ago I went to the doctor for a prescription renewal and some blood work. My symptoms were worsening but not too bad. Instead of my doctor I got a resident - which is fine, normally, I'm all for helping educate the doctors of tomorrow. I let interns come in during my appointments all the time. I didn't realize that my normal doctor wouldn't also be there but whatever - it was a prescription and me telling them that I needed a specific blood test, not difficult. She listened to my symptoms and family history (2 siblings diagnosed, 1 niece, 1 nephew, 1 cousin, 1 cousin's daughter - plus 1 niece with the appropriate DNA and 1 cousin's daughter with the appropriate DNA) and said that it was likely that I had Celiac Disease and that she wanted to check for that and some other things it could be - sounds good to me so far. And she said that given my symptoms and family history, if the test came back negative she recommended a biopsy - the blood test is usually accurate but just in case, the definitive diagnosis is a biopsy - sounds great to me. So I got the tests and waited for my annual (which is next week).

But the symptoms have gotten way worse - and I couldn't wait the extra week. Until I get the diagnosis I have to keep eating gluten. So I went to the walk in yesterday and found out that the resident FORGOT to order the CELIAC test! Sorry for the yelling but seriously! So the other doctor ordered the test and I got it done right away. I've had a copy of the results sent to a friend's sister (who is a doctor) so that I can get the results faster than from my regular doctor. I'm pretty stressed about the results - I want a Celiac diagnosis because if it is negative then the doctors start from scratch trying to figure out what is causing my symptoms. I'll let y'all know when I know.

So I went home early - I was feeling pretty sick, hopefully because I'd had gluten the day before. And then as I was flossing I popped out the filling I got last week! At which point I decided I should have stayed in bed. Today is going better so far :)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Spindle Acquisition

We interrupt your regularly scheduled posting (Wordless Wednesday) for an important announcement - the newest addition to my spindle collection arrived today - an Art Nouveau Filigree Golding RingSpindle! I decided that since I didn't buy myself an present when I finished my masters I was entitled, or cleared to purchase this beauty. Now when I want to buy another one I'll have to come up with another excuse. I blame my weakness on the Spindler's group on Ravelry.

And this is Ellie inspecting my spindle stash - the other spindles are a large Schacht spindle (2 3/4 oz), a smaller Schacht spindle (2 oz), a small unfinished (for now) Louet spindle (1 3/8) and a Tiger Mountain Cascade Spindle (less than 1/2 oz)

Now I have to go play with my new toy - but what to spin? I ordered some fiber from an Etsy seller (FiberOptic) but because it is coming from the states AND was ordered the day after the spindle - it hasn't gotten here yet.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Ten on Tuesday

10 things you'd bring on a deserted island

1. A spindle - likely my new golding one if it gets here before I'd have to go to the island
2. Fiber to use with the spindle - something natural in colour
3. A knife - a swiss army sort of thing so that I could make whatever size knitting needle I need - it would take awhile but how much is there to do on a deserted island?
4. A sewing kit - to darn the clothes I am wearing when stranded and to sew up the pieces of whatever I knit
5. My vitamins - they treat my depression and if I'm on a nice island, which is hopefully warm but not too hot I'd want to be happy
6. My computer - hopefully there is a way to charge it and some internet so I could get knitting patterns and could find books online.
7. Ellie - because so long as there are birds, with Ellie I wouldn't need TV as much
8. Zoie - because having only one of the cats would be trouble
9. Some way to make fire - like flint or something - and instructions on how to use the stuff
10. A mattress - i like my sleep

What about you?

Monday, 15 June 2009

First Handspun

JessaLu (yep, I'm stealing another post idea from her) posted an image on her blog of her first handspun and the spinning that she is most proud of. I have the former but not the latter - I'm still very new at the spinning thing. But without further delay, my first handspun (though this picture only shows one skein I'm pretty sure there was more - and that I have left overs at home).


And what I made out of it

Photo 11

In other news, thanks to the Spindlers forum on Ravelry, I've purchased a Golding Spindle which I'll share once I get it (naturally I bought some fiber on Etsy so that I have more choices of what to spin when the spindle gets here).

We also finished the last of the flooring this weekend. Cory has a new thing that he doesn't like doing - now right up there with removing wallpaper is putting a toilet back on. All I can say is thank goodness my dad was here to supervise and give recommendations of what to change/fix when the water tank was leaking.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ten on Tuesday

... the one I stole from JessaLu with the stuff I like to do with 'me' time (but in no particular order)

1. Knit - this helps me turn off my brain. I have issues with truly doing nothing - though sometimes I can watch TV without doing something else, has to be a captivating show though, like the Dollhouse (which was renewed!)
2. Read - I often do this on the bus
3. Nap - I don't let myself do this one often because if I do, I get less done and then I get upset at myself for "wasting time" - I do like napping on the bus though and haven't missed my stop yet
4. Watch girlie movies - Cory will stay in the room during these movies only because his computer is in the same room as our only TV. He puts in headphones.
5. Ravelry - I do this everyday, and it is often part of my morning email routine (it is my home page...). I check the recently added patterns, a few of the forums (particularly the spun to finished forum in the spinning knitters group), and check my friend's activity.
6. Blogs - I don't need to be alone to do this though.
7. Journal - I used to be much better about this than I currently am. I have volumes from when I was younger that I want to go back over, it should be a bit of a riot.
8. Coffee - not really 'me' time but it is my socializing time while at work so it is time that is not work time which while at work is me time. I like to go with my best friend - we chat and gossip
9. Spinning - I have a spindle (or 4 and want more) and hope to add a wheel too - eventually
10. Listen to podcasts - most of them are knitting - and the only knitting one that Cory likes is Lime 'n Violet - cuz he says they barely talk about knitting.

K, that was hard. I don't do a variety of things with my time - mostly knitting. I might make an effort to go to a knit night this summer. Just to develop friends and connections outside of the university, and outside of the internet. Though the internet is great, face to face contact is good too.

Saturday, 6 June 2009


7am this morning:

It is now almost 930 - the snow is still there. It is supposedly +2C (35.6F) and supposedly feels like -2C (28.4F) - it still looks solid-ish while falling but there is maybe less snow on the branches - still the same on the ground though. The leaves look sad.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Commuter Challenge 2009

I should have posted about this before - Commuter Challenge 2009. This is a national program designed to encourage Canadians to use transit methods that have less impact on the environment - from using public transit to carpooling to biking. Cities and companies compete to be the one who has the best participation rate. There are prizes and incentives (like free transit passes) etc. The challenge runs from May 31 to June 6. Like I said, I should have posted about this before - but there is still time to register and fill in your results from the past few days (that is what I did yesterday - I had forgotten).

Most of the time I take the bus to and from school - it increases my transit time from about 20 minutes to 45-50 minutes but I don't have a choice, Cory needs the car most days and we are a 1 car family. I kind of like the time I get on the bus - I read a book, listen to podcasts, nap... and it is good at the end of the day, sometimes, to have a bit of break time. A time to settle down, relax my mind etc before getting home to make dinner, clean, knit... I considered getting a phone that could receive email - and I still kind of want one - but I didn't want email/work intruding on my time on the bus.

Calgary has the highest number of participants (but not the highest percentage of the cities population), has saved the greatest distance, has saved the most green house gases, has burned the most calories, and has saved the most in fuel costs (results found on this website). But most importantly, as of today the University of Calgary is the top company in Canada!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Monday, 1 June 2009

Teeny Tiny Thoughts

I stole this idea from Totally Together Journal, we'll see how it goes. The idea is, I don't Twitter but I'm interested in the idea of short blips of thoughts. I'm starting at 9am so this might be a bit long, we'll see
  • I had a vacation minus the vacation last week - I feel like it should be Saturday, or at least Friday but it is Monday
  • We didn't finish the house yet - still the laundry, a little hall and the bathroom. New estimated finish date is next Saturday because we're both back at work now
  • I liked all the time I spent with Cory though
  • I'm tired today - but my SAD lamp is helping more than coffee (for seasonal affective disorder - I have regular depression but the light, somehow, still helps - I'm not sure it is supposed to though)
  • This is kinda fun - but distracting, which is not good or helpful.
  • Because we were doing flooring I had taken my wedding band and engagement ring off and put them on a necklace - I just put them back on
  • It feels nice to have them on - natural etc.
  • I don't want Detroit to win another Stanley Cup - they should share it with others
  • Hopefully the Penguins will start winning
  • I dislike email spam
  • But on my "official", university email some is not a bad thing - it means that although it looks like I have a lot to respond to I actually don't
  • That email doesn't have a spam folder and doesn't catch a lot of the spam
  • It really should be better at detecting spam messages than it is
  • I wish I had windows in my office - even on cloudy or rainy days
  • But then I'd also need to be out of the basement of my building - otherwise I'd just see dirt
  • I wonder if I can make that part of my hiring agreement in a few years - must be able to see the sky...
  • I just looked up a book in the library database that I'm 99% certain we have but couldn't find it - so I requested that it be requested from another library - they will email me back saying that we have it and then give me the call number
  • I feel bad for making them find it for me - but the search engine isn't very easy to use
  • But then, perhaps the university doesn't have the book...
  • I'm researching adjectives right now - to help with the wording of the instructions in my study
  • I'm so very close to being ready to start
  • I'm excited and nervous about it - I've never tested children before, only undergraduate students
  • I think the kids will enjoy the tasks though
  • Hopefully
  • I just ate a cheese string
  • I'm not sure how good the cheese is in them
  • But they are ridiculously fun to eat - and doing so makes me happy
  • I know that that is weird
  • Most days Cory calls me at the start of his lunch break to say hi and I love you
  • I like it - but he always calls my cell phone and not my office phone
  • This is okay because I use so little of my minutes
  • I had leftovers for lunch - I prefer that to sandwiches
  • How is it already June?! Where is the time going? Is this reflective of getting older?
  • I miss being excited about things like my birthday and Christmas - I used to get so excited, the feeling was so intense.
  • I had to change my password on my email accounts last week because of a spam email that I accidentally clicked - I keep forgetting that I changed it.
  • I like this tiny thought thing but I fear that it is pretty boring. Perhaps next time I'll just put the thoughts that occur to me that are funny/strange - or I could pick a topic, like spinning...
  • It would keep it shorter too
  • I like how Bells does "a day in the life of" but I fear it would be dreadfully boring if I did one.
  • I can never remember when it is... I think it is on the 14th but I'm not sure
  • Yep it is on the 14th - I'm dreadfully distracted today, perhaps it is this post... if it is then it is a good thing I'm not on Twitter, or Plurk (whatever plurk is)
Even though it is only just after 1pm and I'm not done work for the day, I'm gonna call this Teeny Tiny Thoughts post complete. It is too distracting - fun - but distracting. We'll see if I do this again.