Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ten on Tuesday

... the one I stole from JessaLu with the stuff I like to do with 'me' time (but in no particular order)

1. Knit - this helps me turn off my brain. I have issues with truly doing nothing - though sometimes I can watch TV without doing something else, has to be a captivating show though, like the Dollhouse (which was renewed!)
2. Read - I often do this on the bus
3. Nap - I don't let myself do this one often because if I do, I get less done and then I get upset at myself for "wasting time" - I do like napping on the bus though and haven't missed my stop yet
4. Watch girlie movies - Cory will stay in the room during these movies only because his computer is in the same room as our only TV. He puts in headphones.
5. Ravelry - I do this everyday, and it is often part of my morning email routine (it is my home page...). I check the recently added patterns, a few of the forums (particularly the spun to finished forum in the spinning knitters group), and check my friend's activity.
6. Blogs - I don't need to be alone to do this though.
7. Journal - I used to be much better about this than I currently am. I have volumes from when I was younger that I want to go back over, it should be a bit of a riot.
8. Coffee - not really 'me' time but it is my socializing time while at work so it is time that is not work time which while at work is me time. I like to go with my best friend - we chat and gossip
9. Spinning - I have a spindle (or 4 and want more) and hope to add a wheel too - eventually
10. Listen to podcasts - most of them are knitting - and the only knitting one that Cory likes is Lime 'n Violet - cuz he says they barely talk about knitting.

K, that was hard. I don't do a variety of things with my time - mostly knitting. I might make an effort to go to a knit night this summer. Just to develop friends and connections outside of the university, and outside of the internet. Though the internet is great, face to face contact is good too.

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JessaLu said...

Nice list! I had trouble coming up with anything past knitting, spinning and reading, too. :o)