Monday, 1 June 2009

Teeny Tiny Thoughts

I stole this idea from Totally Together Journal, we'll see how it goes. The idea is, I don't Twitter but I'm interested in the idea of short blips of thoughts. I'm starting at 9am so this might be a bit long, we'll see
  • I had a vacation minus the vacation last week - I feel like it should be Saturday, or at least Friday but it is Monday
  • We didn't finish the house yet - still the laundry, a little hall and the bathroom. New estimated finish date is next Saturday because we're both back at work now
  • I liked all the time I spent with Cory though
  • I'm tired today - but my SAD lamp is helping more than coffee (for seasonal affective disorder - I have regular depression but the light, somehow, still helps - I'm not sure it is supposed to though)
  • This is kinda fun - but distracting, which is not good or helpful.
  • Because we were doing flooring I had taken my wedding band and engagement ring off and put them on a necklace - I just put them back on
  • It feels nice to have them on - natural etc.
  • I don't want Detroit to win another Stanley Cup - they should share it with others
  • Hopefully the Penguins will start winning
  • I dislike email spam
  • But on my "official", university email some is not a bad thing - it means that although it looks like I have a lot to respond to I actually don't
  • That email doesn't have a spam folder and doesn't catch a lot of the spam
  • It really should be better at detecting spam messages than it is
  • I wish I had windows in my office - even on cloudy or rainy days
  • But then I'd also need to be out of the basement of my building - otherwise I'd just see dirt
  • I wonder if I can make that part of my hiring agreement in a few years - must be able to see the sky...
  • I just looked up a book in the library database that I'm 99% certain we have but couldn't find it - so I requested that it be requested from another library - they will email me back saying that we have it and then give me the call number
  • I feel bad for making them find it for me - but the search engine isn't very easy to use
  • But then, perhaps the university doesn't have the book...
  • I'm researching adjectives right now - to help with the wording of the instructions in my study
  • I'm so very close to being ready to start
  • I'm excited and nervous about it - I've never tested children before, only undergraduate students
  • I think the kids will enjoy the tasks though
  • Hopefully
  • I just ate a cheese string
  • I'm not sure how good the cheese is in them
  • But they are ridiculously fun to eat - and doing so makes me happy
  • I know that that is weird
  • Most days Cory calls me at the start of his lunch break to say hi and I love you
  • I like it - but he always calls my cell phone and not my office phone
  • This is okay because I use so little of my minutes
  • I had leftovers for lunch - I prefer that to sandwiches
  • How is it already June?! Where is the time going? Is this reflective of getting older?
  • I miss being excited about things like my birthday and Christmas - I used to get so excited, the feeling was so intense.
  • I had to change my password on my email accounts last week because of a spam email that I accidentally clicked - I keep forgetting that I changed it.
  • I like this tiny thought thing but I fear that it is pretty boring. Perhaps next time I'll just put the thoughts that occur to me that are funny/strange - or I could pick a topic, like spinning...
  • It would keep it shorter too
  • I like how Bells does "a day in the life of" but I fear it would be dreadfully boring if I did one.
  • I can never remember when it is... I think it is on the 14th but I'm not sure
  • Yep it is on the 14th - I'm dreadfully distracted today, perhaps it is this post... if it is then it is a good thing I'm not on Twitter, or Plurk (whatever plurk is)
Even though it is only just after 1pm and I'm not done work for the day, I'm gonna call this Teeny Tiny Thoughts post complete. It is too distracting - fun - but distracting. We'll see if I do this again.

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emma said...

That was better than Twitter. On Twitter, I have to wait in between thoughts. THis was I got them all at once.
P.S. What test on children? Does it involove keeping them a your house to give the parents a break? Would you accept a couple of Americans? :)