Thursday, 4 June 2009

Commuter Challenge 2009

I should have posted about this before - Commuter Challenge 2009. This is a national program designed to encourage Canadians to use transit methods that have less impact on the environment - from using public transit to carpooling to biking. Cities and companies compete to be the one who has the best participation rate. There are prizes and incentives (like free transit passes) etc. The challenge runs from May 31 to June 6. Like I said, I should have posted about this before - but there is still time to register and fill in your results from the past few days (that is what I did yesterday - I had forgotten).

Most of the time I take the bus to and from school - it increases my transit time from about 20 minutes to 45-50 minutes but I don't have a choice, Cory needs the car most days and we are a 1 car family. I kind of like the time I get on the bus - I read a book, listen to podcasts, nap... and it is good at the end of the day, sometimes, to have a bit of break time. A time to settle down, relax my mind etc before getting home to make dinner, clean, knit... I considered getting a phone that could receive email - and I still kind of want one - but I didn't want email/work intruding on my time on the bus.

Calgary has the highest number of participants (but not the highest percentage of the cities population), has saved the greatest distance, has saved the most green house gases, has burned the most calories, and has saved the most in fuel costs (results found on this website). But most importantly, as of today the University of Calgary is the top company in Canada!

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