Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Ten on Tuesday

10 things you'd bring on a deserted island

1. A spindle - likely my new golding one if it gets here before I'd have to go to the island
2. Fiber to use with the spindle - something natural in colour
3. A knife - a swiss army sort of thing so that I could make whatever size knitting needle I need - it would take awhile but how much is there to do on a deserted island?
4. A sewing kit - to darn the clothes I am wearing when stranded and to sew up the pieces of whatever I knit
5. My vitamins - they treat my depression and if I'm on a nice island, which is hopefully warm but not too hot I'd want to be happy
6. My computer - hopefully there is a way to charge it and some internet so I could get knitting patterns and could find books online.
7. Ellie - because so long as there are birds, with Ellie I wouldn't need TV as much
8. Zoie - because having only one of the cats would be trouble
9. Some way to make fire - like flint or something - and instructions on how to use the stuff
10. A mattress - i like my sleep

What about you?


JessaLu said...

Great list! :o)

Louiz said...

I think I'd bring Ray Mears, or some other survival expert!

Anonymous said...

What about Cory??