Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Flooring Progress

Well, flooring continues apace. We're a bit further than this now and will be doing the first of two bedrooms tomorrow (the spare room). All this updating is mainly for mom - I know she is very interested. We MIGHT be done by Friday evening or early Saturday afternoon (I'll keep you updated) - but not the baseboards (which all need to be replaced), that will happen one long weekend.

The cats are still 'upset' by the movement of things but have found many interesting places to take naps. I think what confuses them most is that we are both home but no one is paying attention to them whenever they want attention - which is almost all of the time.


bamboo hardwood flooring said...

It's funny/cute how pets get upset when you change something in the house, like they weren't consulted! :)

Louiz said...

That flooring looks really nice!

emma said...

Very Nice! Is this the kind you have to nail in? Or is it really like tiles that just stick?