Thursday, 19 March 2009


Bottled water is a problem - and I think it is a bigger problem than I thought before. This YouTube video is a trailer for an upcoming documentary about the issues surrounding bottled water and water rights - in the US... but similar things are likely occurring in Canada - and some of the issues pertain to the oceans, and thus are global issues, not American issues. I found the trailer over on Shivaya Naturals.

If the trailer interests you, I suggest you read The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. There is a chapter or two in there about plastics. Overall it is a really good book that I'm not sure I've talked about here. Each chapter is somewhat stand alone - this is a good thing for someone like me who would read a chapter each day on the bus. It covers things like what would happen to our bridges, oil plants, water systems, if suddenly humans disappeared. And it talks about how long our effects would show on the earth.

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jex said...

Never buying bottled water again...

btw, hi autie Catie,