Saturday, 14 March 2009

Pi(e) Day

Happy Pi day everyone (pi equals roughly 3.1415 and today is 3/14 - in 2015 I think the mathematicians will call a national holiday).

Mitered square blanket progresses - I will likely post pictures tomorrow. So much sewing - I miss knitting. But this multiple project thing doesn't work so well for me, I like the process but I like seeing progress - so a single project at a time gives me the most pleasure it seems...

Side note: the whale thing that I knit for my headphones - yea, Zoie decided it was hers and took it, headphones and all that night - twice. So it is now hers, minus the headphones and plus a cat ball that has a bell in it. The eyes are sewn on really well so it is good to go for now but today or tomorrow those eyes are coming off because Zoie gets violent with her toys.

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Amy Lane said...

*laughing* At least the cat appreciates a good knit!