Sunday, 15 March 2009

Mitered Square Blanket Update

The seaming is complete - I now need to add a border and I think I will be putting a fabric backing on it to prevent stretching. I love how colourful it is. It was laid out neater but then Cory walked all over it on purpose.

And folded

I'll give the dimensions once I put a border on it - I'll be doing a garter stitch picture frame border in several colours. I want to use up more of this Decor yarn. Ellie still approves of the blanket and has been supervising the placement of blocks and the seaming.


Bells said...

This is looking so great! You're nearly there. I really really want to make one now.

Anonymous said...

Love it! It looks like the kind of project where you can actually bring a piece of it with you, without having to lug a blanket all over town!

Laura said...

Are you using cotton or wool yarn, or something else altogether? I'm about to start one of these for my daughter, but she wants hers to be wool.