Tuesday, 31 March 2009


So awhile back I mentioned to Femblog that I was working at developing my sock yarn remnant stash - you know, for baby socks and stuffed animal clothing. She offered to send me some and they came today:

You will note, that there are other things that came in the package (and there was chocolate but that didn't make it into the house). I naively believed that she would send the yarn by itself, or perhaps accompanied by a card. The yarn looks kick-ass and if I pack fast tonight I'll be using some of it. There was a bookmark with cats on it that has made its way to my current reading book. The book in the package - Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French is hilarious.
Sample day:

Morning: Slept.
Afternoon: Slept.
Evening: Ate grass. Scratched.
Night: Ate grass. Slept.

I laughed so much at this book - I made Cory right away and told him it was soooo funny - his response after reading the book: "sweetie, you're funny" - I don't know if that means he liked it or it was funny that I liked it so much.

And then there was a postcard pointing out where there are girl guide cookie sales - it is probably a good thing that I currently live in an apartment - zero will power to say no to kids selling things at my door. On the back of the card she wrote that she couldn't resist sending me more than yarn - well, once I figure out what to send back there will be a return parcel, even before getting the package I was thinking of what I could send as a thank you... We'll call it a swap and I owe you.

Tomorrow I head off to Denver for the SRCD conference (Society for Research in Child Development). I'm excited, but now I have to pack. I'm not bringing any knitting (I know, sacrilege) because my wrists are acting up after knitting the second monkey sock very quickly. Yep, I've got the sock bug - now I just have to get them out of the drawer and use them and worry less about ruining them.

I will, hopefully, be distracted and busy enough such that I don't notice the lack of yarn for 4 days. We'll see...

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So glad you liked it!