Monday, 12 May 2008

The snow has gone away again Though the weather is unpredictable I have a few plants indoors that are getting ready for the porch. In this picture you can see the 3 pots - the two large plants are sweet million tomatoes. I bought them that size. And the third pot has some sweet basil that is germinating.

And the basil is so tiny and cute. I started talking to the plants yesterday and Cory laughed at me and then told me to stop. I think there was a tickling threat issued too.

There, these pictures at least make me feel like spring is partially here. In other news the mitered square blanket is coming along. I need more colours and will be waiting until my trip to Kelowna before I order some. A yarn store there has some of the type of yarn I am using and perhaps they will have different colours than Michaels. I am still spinning the red fiber. I'm spinning it quite thin so I am getting a lot of mileage and time out of it. I don't know what weight it is or how long it is but I intend to make some sort of shawl out of it - a lacy sort of thing is my hope. And I've started a fuzzy lamb pattern from Fuzzy Mitten (Barbara Prime, see link on the side). I have 2 legs and a part of the body knit. I don't know if I'll keep this one too... Well, time for school. This summer I have a research course and thesis research to do. Plus the writing of my thesis. I was going to work on the writing this weekend but I had to pull an 8.5 hr day at work on Saturday and thus took Sunday completely off of work. Well it is time for me to run around the house to get ready because I was actually only planning to post the pictures with a quick description... oh well.



Bells said...

ah, baby basils, how I love them!

Amy Lane said...

Oh--I'm so proud of anyone who gardens! And I'm so rooting for you on the thesis! Go Catie go!