Sunday, 18 May 2008

Here is some proof of spring in Calgary, the leaves are beginning to unfurl. Also, the weather yesterday was hot enough to make my husband complain (28oC I think... not very hot at all I know).

Bells requested some photos of my fat lamb in natural light. I really enjoyed the pattern but I think that the difference in gauge between the snout and the wooly part was too large. He is growing on me a little bit and I know he will be loved by his recipient. I gave him to my mom for her church charity group (same charity that got the elefante before I took a finished picture). I wonder what the kid will name him.

I have started another two toy patterns, I swear they are addictive. The first is Uh-Ohs (by Anna Hrachovec and I love the caption on the pattern: How in the world did they get themselves into this predicament? Knit them and find out!). I was just going to make two that were joined but I think I may make more links. Now I am just waiting for other left over fingering weight yarn to make the other links. I think my mom mentioned having some suitable left overs. I'm heading back to Kelowna for a brief visit on Wednesday. My Nonna Lucia will be there from Italy and my brother, sister-in-law and two nieces (Lucy and Emma, from Edmonton) will be there too. I am super excited all around, Lucy and I are super close (she is only 8 years my junior) and I've only seen Emma once despite only living 2-3 hours away from Edmonton and her being over a year old. Anyway, the picture of the in progress Uh-Ohs

And as I mentioned earlier, I have another toy in progress - another fuzzy lamb (Fuzzy Thoughts, Barbara Prime )- and I love it (well it will be a her/him but without the face on I don't know which it is).

And you can see in the photos the lovely gift that my mom gave me when we went out to Chapters - the three knitting Harmony Guides. I wanted them because I really want to design some knits and perhaps publish them - you know, so the right side of my brain doesn't atrophy... I saw this really great comic once that showed a scientist dancing in front of a blackboard full of mathematical equations with the caption: "every now and then he breaks out into an interpretive dance so that his right brain doesn't atrophy" and I laugh when I think of it. I will start small and go from there but seeing these books on my shelf or on my desk will remind me of this goal. Thanks again mom!

And on a final note, a gratuitous photo of a cat that would rather be sleeping in peace. Ellie meows to be put up on the top shelf of the closet where she will sleep for hours. Luckily she now knows how to get down on her own.


Bells said...

Oh look at him! He's fantastically cute. Good work!

And that's a lovely picture of spring coming. I know how much you'll be welcoming it when it finally comes.

Louiz said...

I've tagged you!