Friday, 23 May 2008


Not much to report from Kelowna. The weather is pretty good and more family arrives today, in fact their airplane should be touching down right about now. I've been knitting but it is either more of the same (more miters, 42 down, 38ish to go), unfinished (the uh-ohs are now a pair), or doll clothes (but I don't have a doll to model them...). So I present to you some pictures from my parents' garden - it is really quite spectacular. Kelowna is one of the few places in Canada that has all 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Other places, like northern Ontario (where I lived for 14 years) has 3 seasons: Mud, Summer, Mud, Winter... And Calgary is just wierd with the chinooks.

And this is my parents' beagle - Zeeke - isn't he adorable? I'm still more of a cat person but Zeeke is special. I'll post a picture of George when I get a good one. George is my tabby cat that lives with my parents. He was a birthday gift when I was 16 but since he is attached to my parents (and vice versa too) plus he is an outdoor kitty, he stays here in Kelowna instead of with me in Calgary.

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