Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A Fuzzy Fat Lamb

Pre-capitation (you know the opposite of decapitation..., not my original term - see hint #7 on Fuzzy Mitten)

and post-captiation

This lamb is made from a free pattern by Barbara Prime (Fuzzy Mitten - see the side bar).
I like the pattern but I'm not sure about this toy. It seems a bit off, but I am 99% certain that is the result of yarn choice. Once the toy was put together it has started to grow on me. No name for her/him yet. I will retry the pattern soon-ish with a thinner yarn. Any ideas for a name?


Louiz said...

pre capitation (really shouldn't read that at work, I don't work somewhere that my work can explain trying not to laugh) and the bear - looks like the kind of bear who gets his name through things that happen to him. Cute bear, too.

Bells said...

oh that's funny. Pre-capitation. I like him. I think he's got character. Can we have a photo in daylight so we can get a real good look at him?