Tuesday, 3 April 2007

something difficult to knit

The husband wants to know what is hard to knit if what I am doing is not hard... (I am working on a lace piece - first ever, and loving it). Any ideas of pages to show him?


Amy Lane said...

OKay, log onto knitty and look up something labeled 'tangy'...

Or...(wait...I've got it!!) Get the XRX book titled "Sox Sox Sox" and look for the multi-cabled knee socks or those crazy socks on the cover or...well there's a lot of socks in there that will fall under the category "Insanely difficult"

Someday, I'll knit a pair:-)

Susan said...

I once saw a pattern, maybe in an old Vogue Knitting?, for an entrelac pullover where each of the entrelacs was a different pattern (textural stuff like cables, lace, etc.). Been hunting all over for a photo but can't find one. Anyway, that seems like a technical tour de force to me. Can you imagine how perfect your gauge would have to be?

Other than that, I'd say triple-stranded fair isle knitting, which sometimes happens in Nordic knitting, is pretty challenging though that may be my carpal tunnel speaking.

Susan said...

Oh, OK, and I'll give you really, truly hard. Screw up a lacy yarn-over, slip-knit-pass slipped stitch over portion of a panel, drop ONLY the section that you screwed up and try to fix it with a crochet hook, a couple extra needles, and some stitch holders. Clear the area of small children because cursing WILL OCCUR. In addition, comsumption of alcoholic beverages not advised.

Can you tell what I wasted my time doing last night?

No, I failed miserably. I admitted utter, ego-destoying defeat and ripped the whole damned thing out. Fecking feck-fest of feckless fixing!

Uh, yeah, next time I promise to read the directions BEFORE I just start knitting from the charts.