Tuesday, 20 January 2009

TGI-extended apple care plan

I am computer-less.

Well, my computer is getting repaired - I'm on a random university computer right now. I just want to say, that I will forever more get the extended care plan on my apple laptop. My computer is about 2.5 years old and the track pad sometimes stops working, the computer is running slow, and the disk drive sounds like an airplane taking off (the technical term is "vibrations", I like my term better). That is two parts (disk drive and track pad), each $300 plus service time. The guy, Clayton, said that the repairs would be at least $800 if I didn't have coverage! TGI-care plan.

So it will be approximately 1 week before I get my computer back - though they will try to get to it faster than that and will call if it is ready early. Which is good because my work/school life resides mainly on that computer (I backed it up, no worries there). It is that fast because there is an Apple store in Calgary now. But I'm still twitching a little about how much the repairs WOULD cost if I had to pay for them. I knew the care plan was a smart idea - I bring the computer to and from work almost every day. With that much transit, something is bound to happen.

I like Apple - both the products and the company. And I need to go into the Apple store again when I have more time to look around - so many toys!

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