Friday, 23 January 2009

Computer Handicapped

I still don't have my computer back - not surprising given the amount of time that has elapsed - but I feel weird without it. I miss working on an Apple computer - I've had to wrestle with Vista on the lab computer.

I got 3 knitting books in the mail - all by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I got the Knitting Workshop, Knitting Around, and The Opinionated Knitter - all from Schoolhouse Press (ie/ not from the Amazon links I just provided). It rounds out the collection - I already had Knitting Without Tears and the Knitters Almanac. I was surprised to find out that they are all hard cover - and I was surprised by the size of the Opinionated Knitter - it is about 25cm square - I think I was expecting about 20cm square. I'm currently reading the Opinionated Knitter at home and Brinsinger on the bus.

I've been working hard at school - I have a class that has assignments and exams again - the first one in about 2 years because all of my recent classes have been presentation and research paper based. I got a manuscript back about a week ago with an "accepted pending minor revisions" so I've been working on that. When I get the final acceptance I'll tell y'all more about it but it isn't my interest area right now - I'm much more interested in my new line of research than the animal stuff that I did for my masters. But it will be my second paper, and my first first authored paper - which is a big deal, publications are what get scholarships and funding and jobs - and for now, first authorship is the best that it gets. I'm excited, but my brain really feels fried. When I can intersperse some pictures with this academic talk I'll resume the discussion.



Anonymous said...

Your reading Brisigr on the bus? Doesn't your arm get tired. That's a thick book! I was disapointed my self, but I won't say more because you are stil reading.
Yes, classes started this week.
Deep sigh!

Louiz said...

I still need to get knitting around, so I'm a bit envious here...

Good luck with the papers etc.