Sunday, 18 November 2007


So I said I'd post and lo and behold here I am posting. It has been a busy few weeks, especially in terms of school.

So overwhelming, lots of people and lots of information. The most informative day was likely the 2nd - when I went to a short course on behavioural testing of mice. It was good but so much information. We took one afternoon off and went to the zoo: the San Diego zoo is really cool and has a lot of great animals. I know I was the most excited though so the zoo would have been better with Cory there - he gets excited about the animals like me. I went shopping a bit but no yarn stores :(

Thesis work
The prosem really stressed me out but it is done and I am happy about that. Now to find my motivation and get in the lab and get work done. I'm finding it hard to get stuff done when I know that this is not what I want to be doing and I know that I don't like the work. I find it interesting but I would rather read about it than do it.

Potential supervisor
She was really receptive to the idea of me joining her lab and is accepting at least one student next fall, preferably psychology (she has dual appointment with linguistics and psychology so she can get students in either discipline). I'm going to talk to 1 or more other professors but so far she is my top choice.

I finished one Christmas gift while in San Diego up to the blocking point and started on another project which I finished today. So I have gifts finished to the point of blocking and am awaiting the time when my spare room will be free from visitors. I will post pictures when they are blocked.

Now I am off to nurse a cold and look at things on the web. Pictures by the end of the week I hope

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