Sunday, 4 November 2012

Update - Sunday Night edition

We're finally starting to thaw out a bit here in Calgary - but we've had a lot of freezing fog in the morning and certainly have had to scrape the car every morning. It makes for some very pretty frost on the trees.

Been knitting a lot this past week - but no spinning.

Finished up a pair of toe up after thought heel socks - ended up ripping out the cuff once they were finished and adding 6+ stripes per sock. Nice and tall now :)

The colour is more accurate in the previous post - the pink is much more vibrant.

I started another pair of toe up stripey socks - I bought this yarn in a destash from a friend. The information is on my Ravelry project page if you really must know more about the yarn. This yarn has only been in the stash for a few months - max

They're going slowly - my mindless get ready for bed socks.

I've also got a pair of Charade socks on the needles in Dancing Dog Dyeworks yarn on the Jive base - the main colour is Owlies and the contrast solid is Beach Glass - this yarn has been in the stash for less than a year. I can't believe how colourful these are turning out. The photo is from earlier today - I'm now almost done the gusset - flying off the needles, free pattern. Probably the funniest gauge I've ever seen written in a pattern (Gauge: Meh.) You can see Zoie in a shoe box in the background - the girls love that box so much I've repaired it.

And in other news - my students wrote their midterm on Monday. Ellie helped me mark - she's good like that yo.

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