Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Autumn has Arrived

 Posts on back to back days?! Yeah, don't get used to it - I'm just tired and procrastinating...
Autumn has arrived in Calgary - the trees are changing quickly and the leaves are already falling. I love this time of year - the air is crisp and cool (handknit sock weather for the win) but it isn't so cold that you need to bundle up a lot.
A bit blurry but this photo was taken this morning as I walked in to school. As you can see the leaves are really dry and are already being ground into a fine powder. I think it looks really neat.
And finally - this is from this weekend - along the route I run there are 1-2 houses with cat paw prints on the driveways. I always think of how cute it looks and how upset that kitty must have been when it happened.

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