Thursday, 29 April 2010

Second Weather Related Post in a Row

Does anyone know who I speak to about the weather we're having - I'd like to file a formal complaint about the current winter storm warning. Last week's snow melted in the next two days, this stuff looks like it will last longer than that.

As my husband was joking yesterday, we're Canadians, we live in igloos and it snows most months of the year...


Also, the frequent power outages are getting annoying - I think we're up to 4+ in the past month and a half. Last night we had 3 outages, 2 of them over 30 minutes.


Anonymous said...
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JessaLu said...

The weather has been insane lately! *fingers crossed* all the snow will stop soon!

jex said...

Aww, XD you should be happy your visiting with us. We've been having beautiful weather here in Ottawa, sunny and above 15* for about the past week. :)


Denise said...

Hmmm, no, that definitely doesn't qualify as spring weather! Looks pretty, but I bet you've seen *quite* enough snow in the past 5 or 6 months.

Cait said...

How Pretty!
I live with at least four dogs, up to seven. None are mine.
They live across the road, two outdoor (and three indoor) from one dwelling, two from the dwelling down in the hollow behind the dwelling across the road.
I can never have fresh fallen snow to watch the bunny tracks, the occasional pheasant tracks, the bird tracks and an occasional fox track.
I have dog tracks, dog scratches, dog urine and dog poo. I have offered them the use of my two no longer needed, dog tie ups, but they say that their dogs would get out of the collars and tie outs.
They have also had sheep, goat, horse, and currently chickens. All on a 5 acre plot.
You have pretty snow. Just wind tracked. I envy you.

Cait said...

My best in dealing with celiac disease. I know it is hard, but you will find the way. I am a cracker fiend and will most likely put your blog on my desktop so I can have the recipe at hand.
God Bless.