Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Green Smoothie Challenge

As a result of several medical tests over the past 2 months and they've left me feeling like my digestive system is a little worse for the wear. Nearly every day I've been having tummy aches - even when I'm certain that the food I was eating was not cross-contaminated. That, combined with an urge to eat more vegetables made it that when I heard about the Green Smoothie Challenge via Heather of Shivaya Naturals I immediately signed up.

I was quite uncertain about the taste of the smoothies but I figured I'd go for it. And if eating them doesn't produce any of the benefits that other people have experienced, well, at least I'd drastically increase my fruit and vegetable intake for at least 2 weeks. It turns out that I love the taste of green smoothies - though the ones that I've made so far taste largely of fruit.

They are astonishingly green. This was my smoothie yesterday:


It was Basic Balance + an apple + 1 extra cup of water. Today I had Apple + Kale + Lemon + some romaine lettuce that I had in the fridge. I liked both of them - the greens got blended smoother today than yesterday - but the apple didn't blend completely. If these things become a daily habit I could see the value of investing in a good blender. I drank all of the smoothies each day - so over a liter each day. I don't want to over do it - but perhaps on the weekend I'll increase my intake. On my way home tomorrow I have to pick up more fruit and vegetables.

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Louiz said...

That looks very green, hope your tests give a helpful result soon.