Sunday, 13 September 2009

The One With a Lot of Finished Objects

Just over a month ago one of my childhood best friends, that I've managed to stay in contact with over the years and across a distance, had her first child. This summer I had meant to knit a stockpile of things but the summer flew by (where did it go? I start TAing tomorrow!) and all I got was a list of queued and favorited items on Ravelry. So the kiddo was born and I had nothing knit! I dropped all of my current projects and knit a little set of accessories - booties, legwarmers, mittens, and a hat. I mailed it off on Friday - I hope it all fits him. I don't know baby sizes very well - and I don't know how well he fits the averages...

I also made another set of booties but they look like they will fit a doll so I sent them home with mom for the doll that she is dressing for a church bazaar or donation or something

I worked on and finished a lace scarf for one of Cory's aunts - it is the Trellis Scarf from Interweave knits. I think she'll really like it - we go to visit her this Wednesday in Comox

And you may remember that in May we re-did the floors. Well my favorite red chair kept loosing it's felt pads so I made some booties for it and they stay on. At first they seemed really noticeable but now they seem to belong.

Winter is coming so I made myself another hat. The colours are so off in this picture that I almost don't want to post it but I might as well. Anyone have tips on photographing red? Anyone know why it seems so difficult?

And then I got on a kick of knitting small things - started this Friday and may continue today too. Essentially I wanted to tidy my stash in Ravelry of small quantities of yarn but I have some arbitrary idea that the amount has to go below say .1 of a skein before I'll designate it as all used up - when I suppose I need to change that to some yardage amount. Anyway, small items.

Coffee Cozy the first - don't like it so much

So I made another one - Coffee Cozy the second - I like this one much better. I needed at least one of these cozy things because one of my travel mugs heats up a lot if you put a hot beverage in it. Plus it had a logo on it that I didn't like and that was peeling off. So I made the cozy to go over it.

The madness continued in the form of two stash busting flowers - not sure what I'll do with them - perhaps put a magnet or a pin on them...

And finally, something that was supposed to be a coaster that turned out too big. Which really isn't that surprising because the pattern was for a trivet and I should have either used a thinner yarn than called for or cast on a smaller number of stitches. Will do the next time. Now it is under a pot in my study and looks great there. What I really liked about this pattern is that it shrinks equally in width and length because it is knit in the round - so I didn't have to guess how many more (or less) rows I had to make relative to the width so that it would felt square.

I'm lazy so I'm not putting up pattern and yarn details - those interested can either email me or look on Ravelry (username: Catiecat). I have explicit details there about yardage etc because I weighed the items so that the requirements are accurate.

Still knitting on the epic mitered square blanket - but it is large so I can only work on it on days that are pretty cool.

Oh and I finished another sock - the mate to this one.

I haven't weaved in the ends or tried it on - I'm scared, plus the first one didn't fit well. The instructive part of the project is that I now know that I much prefer a gusset to a short row heel. I need more space in the instep and at the ankle than a short row heel provides. The project had bad mojo or juju or whatever - it took me a good month just to bind off after completing the ribbing! Oh well, it is done and over with.

And to end, I've been watching a lot of Buffy episodes - somewhere in season 6 now - because I can't stand most of the summer television stuff. Luckily shows start soon and hockey too.

ETA: and in all this I forgot another finished object (that's what I get for not posting these things as they were finished - or at least in the week they were finished...) - some more feline dim sum for a friend's cat - apparently I've got good catnip and Dixun had killed beyond repair the last one I made. How could I say no to such a request?


Louiz said...

A lot of cute things and useful things, and I'm impressed with how organised you are - I've great intentions to put it all on Ravelry but I think I've got maybe 3 or 4 different things there, let alone finishing up balls! Wow

Catie said...

I spend a lot of time on Ravelry - it keeps me off of facebook etc.

Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Your lace scarf is beautiful!!

Heather said...

Everything is SO cute! I love the flowers, the socks, and the AMAZING knitted table leg covers. My tables scratch up the floor so badly. What a great idea!

As for the GF cookbooks that I can't live without, I have four that I am loving right now

Easy Gluten Free Baking by Elizabeth Barbone
The gluten Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy by Bette Hagman
Gluten Free Baking by Rebecca Riley
The Gluten Free Gourmet Bakes Bread
and 1000 Gluten Free Recipes by fenster

Oh wait, was that five? :)

Also, I could not live without Living Without. Fantastic Magazine! There are some great bread recipes in their current issue.

Also, I would check out Deby's Gluten Free Cage and Bakery (just google, it will come right up). She has created some amazing flour blends, one of which can truly be used to adapt cup to cup on most recipes (although not bread :()

Let me know if you need anything else, you can always email at

Again, beautiful knits