Sunday, 26 April 2009

Baby Shower

In addition to the stuffed animal that I posted about yesterday, I made the following for my friend's little guy.

I wasn't sure that this hat would fit him, but it looks like it will work for a few weeks, which is really when he will need it here in Calgary...

And I made a few bibs - this first one is a Ball Band Dishcloth with straps attached

And this is a Baby Bib 'O Love
Both are on the large size, but seeing as he doesn't need them right now that should work out fine.

In addition to this knitted loot I put 2 onsies in the present, not hand made - I wasn't sure how the hand knits would go over with the friend, luckily she loved them.

The hardest thing for me was knowing what size a newborn baby is... I'm still not sure I have a good handle on the whole baby size thing. Like the rest of us they vary in size but I don't even have an approximation or average. Does anyone know of a website with good baby size averages?

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Laura said...

Speaking as a mother of seven, my advice is yo never give/make anything in the 0-3 month (newborn) size. Even small newborns tend to outgrow newborn size clothing in just a couple of weeks. Better to give 6 month or larger clothing to a new mom and baby.

Your bibs are beautiful! The ballband dishcloth bib is extremely clever and will be great for a messy eater. I may have to try to do that sometime, because I love making the dishcloths, and I also make the plain-jane version of the bib o' love.