Saturday, 11 April 2009

98 Year Old Woman Survives L'Aquila Earthquake and Spends the Time Crocheting

As many of you likely know, over 200 people died in an earthquake in Italy this past week (the worst since 1980). This 98 year old woman (not related to me) was rescued after being trapped in her bed for about 30 hours - when asked how she passed the time during the long wait she replied that she 'worked on her crochet'. According to La Republica (big Italian newspaper) this is the 3rd earthquake that she has survived.

Well here is the video, but it is in Italian, so less fun for most of you but amazing and heartening for those of you that can understand it.

Also in Italian, Motivi a Maglia, reports on the same woman and is where I found some of my links.

What is horrible is how few buildings (about 14%) in the region are built to seismic-safety standards in a region that is labeled 'dangerous' in terms of seismic activity (source KCTV5 news). I hear that even the hospital, built in 2000, didn't meet the standards and has been rendered useless by the earthquake.

ETA: An article in English on the woman but now I'm confused about her name because there are 2 different reports.

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