Thursday, 23 April 2009

Top Ten Meme - G

FemBlog tagged me with a meme a long (long) time ago and I forgot about it... You are supposed to list ten things you like that all start with the same letter, and why you like them. You are supposed to use the letter you are tagged with, and I was tagged with 'G'. I've been working on this list for awhile now... G isn't an easy letter

1. Giggles - particularly baby giggles, one of the best sounds in the world
2. Gardens - flower gardens, vegetable gardens, grass lawns... I don't know what else I have to say, they smell good, look pretty, and make better food than you can get at the grocery store.
3. Graduate school - I love learning new things, my new research is great, it is the path to my job of choice, university or college professor.
4. Grandparents - do I need to explain? mine were and are awesome
5. Google maps - it tells me how to get where I'm going - for example, my brother's house
6. Glial cells - the support cells of neurons, that may perform other functions that we aren't clear about. I love my glial cells - yep, I'm stretching here but really... G isn't an easy word to go on.
7. Guanine - yep, still stretching for ideas - this is a purine base that is part of DNA and RNA
8. Gump - well Tom Hanks movies in general
9. Grass - I love the smell of fresh cut grass - this is likely because I've only ever mowed a lawn once
10. Green - I like the look of natural things, our house has a lot of brown and neutral colours, and wood and plants... well not enough plants for my taste. There is just something about the look of growing plants that seems to make a house seem home-y for me. And then there is the fact that when things start to turn green it is a good indication that winter is ending and spring is coming. Though as the picture posted yesterday indicates, green sprouts are not a guarantee that there will be no more snow.

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emma said...

Guanine? Glian cells?
I didn't realize 'G' would be so hard!