Monday, 4 August 2008


A few months back I got a new camera (Digital Rebel XTi - a dslr) and now that I have more time Cory and I are trying to go out to a place that would make for cool pictures once a week. This is our latest "adventure"

Cory assesses the rapids:

There were a lot of kayakers, one canoe, and a raft - oh and 2 people trying to surf the rapids (well that is what we figure they were doing). Down the river a bit is a slalom course so it is a popular spot I guess.


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful! That first shot is so arty I almost thought you had gone somewhere tropical!

Bells said...

oh nice. Spectacular view. There's nothing like a new camera to make you go and look for opportunities.

Anonymous said...

No new posts - I am imagining you having a wonderful, relaxing vacation after acing your orals.
I hope I'm right.