Thursday, 31 July 2008

Into the Oven

My thesis is "done" for now. I have handed in the review copies to my committee members (did it yesterday, due at the latest tomorrow - yea early) and now I study for 3 weeks. My defense date is August 22 - I may have already mentioned this. There were a few scary moments on Monday when I found an error that could have taken a long time to fix - but it ended up being just a day and a half of hard work and long hours. I'd taken a few days off here and there but never slept in very much - maybe 9am on a good day, even when I knew the whole day was not going to be spent working. I guess it was the stress because after Cory left for work I fell back asleep until noon!

This past weekend we were in the Okanagan for a wedding. One of Cory's high school friends was getting married. Mom let Cory drive her car to the wedding and now Cory has the bug for a fast porche car... oi! I still don't care much for cars, I like ones that don't break down, are good on gas, and are new-ish. Hence, I love our car which is a 2006 Honda Civic. His name is Miracle Max (Princess Bride reference).


BC said...

Yahoo! Congratulations! Way to go! This is from your Ontario cheering squad. Sorry I didn't come up with more meanings but next time I'll ask the kids for their input.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Or wait - is that premature. Is it like when you don't want to give someone a baby gift until the baby it born or claim victory for your team before the final inning becuase you could jinx things or something like that? Maybe I should take back my congratulations until after the defense and everthing is accepted. Okay, I'm offering a quiet, understated affirmation of all your hard work ('cause I don't want you to blame me for jinxing things).

Amy Lane said...

WOO-HOO!!! (Okay--you sounded entirely too calm--you need to be jumping up and down in the kitchen in your jammies, scaring the cats!)

Congratulations!! Excellently done!