Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tip #3 for a Successful Thesis and a Meme

Adding new blogs to your 'must-read' list is an awesome idea because most of them come with archives of back material to read.

And Amy Lane left the following comment yesterday:
PS - you have been meme-tagged.Pick up the nearest book.Open on page 123.Find the fifth sentence.Post the next three sentences.Tag five people,and acknowledge who tagged you.

Well the nearest book is Sherpa, Popolo Antico by Alberto Ceresa (self published book by my Nonno) but since it is in Italian I will post on the next nearest book: Microbiology, fifth edition, by Prescott, Harley, & Klein
If the sodium concentration decreases too much, the wall and plasma membrane literally disintegrate. Extreme halophilic bacteria have successfully adapted to environmental conditions that would destroy most organisms. In the process they have become so specialized that they have lost ecological flexibility and can prosper only in a few extreme habitats.

I tag Beans and Caviar, Fuzzy Mitten, The Undercover Vegan,Femblog, and Marly, of the Yarn Thing Podcast.


Amy Lane said...

Thanks for being such a good sport! I KNEW it was going to be a textbook--I could feel it!

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Sexy! I don't know why you would ever put that book down(lol)! ;)
I wondered what you've been doing for the last month.
I'll try to post more to help you stall.