Sunday, 29 June 2008

Tip #12 for a Successful Thesis (cigarette anyone?)

Tip #12: Try not to be distracted by sexy article titles while searching for articles related to your thesis.

Cigarette smoking induces apoptosis in rat tesis - and they think this is one of the reasons why they found defective spermatogenesis in the rat following chronic cigarette smoking in a previous study! I haven't read or downloaded the article, such restraint I know, but I had to share my distraction with you. Bet it wasn't funded by the cigarette companies eh?

by the way, the citation for the article is

Rajpurkav A., Jiang Y., Dhabuwala C. B., Dunbar, J. C., & Li, H. (2002). Cigarette smoking induces apoptosis in rat tesis. J Environ Pathol Toxicol Oncol., 21(3), 243-8.


Anonymous said...

I'd be more turned on if I knew what apoptosis is.

BC said...

Instead of looking it up, let's have some fun. Halotosis is bad breath and we know it has nothing to do with breath, so let's take "tosis" to mean bad. A pop tosis - case of coca cola (pop) gone bad.

Want me to help write your thesis? hahaha