Tuesday, 17 July 2007


So I've started the MS3 - I only have pictures of my swatch (sorry, the floor is a mess and the lighting is poor right now...) but I am about half way into clue #2. Right now there have been 3 clues posted so I am behind, but around the middle of the pack in terms of where other people in the group are.

I am knitting in Jaggerspun Zephyr Ebony (one of the recomended colours). I had no laceweight in the pile that is supposedly my stash (it is small, other knitters smile and nod when I tell them the size of my stash - they know it will grow). Most of the yarn in my stash has a project attached, including the other Zephyr I bought (Crimson I think).

I finished the Hanging Garden Stole but have not blocked it yet - the blocking wires are on order from the LYS (they have to order some in).

Here is a cute kitty picture to distract you from the fact that there is no lace picture here...

I am trudging away at the cabled cardigan - I have put the fronts on the back and am knitting the collar (shawl collar - holy cow it takes time and yarn!). I hope I like it when it is done - still not sure if I will.

I'm pretty worn out from work. That is the trouble with making your own hours and having a "get sh*t done" job. I have a list of things to do and they need to get done in the next month or two. The problem is I always had something to do every week since before Christmas - I think I took 3 or 4 days off at Christmas. Other than that it has been a lot of work work work. I have a lot done - in fact I have more than half of the major experiment in my thesis done. But I am tired. Soooooo 4 day weekend - tomorrow is my Friday. Well sort of, I'm going to work a bit on Thursday but from home, and seeing as I have two cats and a husband at home right now - I'm not sure how much will get done. I will have a window by where I work though - this is an improvement on my office and lab which are both in the basement of a building.

Too much talking and not enough cute kitty pictures, here is another distracter picture... Zoie, it took me 10 pictures to get a good picture of her (and the lighting is off a bit) because she likes to move, unlike Ellie who seems to be the type of cat that loves having her picture taken.

Zoie likes being brushed so much that today after brushing her I found a bald spot, well a less hairy spot. Oh dear!

I am doing the gym thing too. I gained a lot of weight over the winter somehow (possibly related to depression and anti-depressant drugs). I've been exercising for over a month now but see no results. sigh. well, I'll keep with it and hopefully I'll see something. I have to change my eating patterns too but that is very difficult for me. Any recommendations? Any idea about a yarn reward system? My problem is I like food and I like sweets. Oh, and I have little self control.

My mom and dad are coming Thursday night for a few days - gotta clean house and tidy. It is the tidy that gets us. With 900 square feet to clean it isn't bad - it is the clutter and seeming inability to put stuff away that gets us messy. Perhaps I'll send a Salvation Army donation bag home with my mom (I don't know where to drop it off here in Calgary).

And on a final note, it was our 1 year anniversary on the 8th - here we are, it is my intention that we should have a picture of us as a couple every year on our anniversary - we'll see how long it lasts. This is a self portrait because we forgot to have one taken when we were at the restaurant.

ETA: Oh yeah, and I took a spinning class on Saturday at Make 1 Yarn Studio. I ended up with two drop spindles and a pound of fiber (half of which is already spun!). I am addicted. The spinning wheels didn't agree with me (the whole drafting while you spin didn't work) but hopefully in a few years the drop spindle practice will make me much better with that part. At that point I know I'll fall down the rabbit hole (and hard, of course the wheel I liked best was also the most expensive - or the one that I would have liked had the spinning wheels agreed with me). I will post pictures of my handspun after I have set the twist (likely will do that tomorrow so that I can show it off to my mom all finished and pretty). I want to keep a little bit as a reminder of my first handspun but with the rest I think I will make a scarf. Not sure of the pattern I want - something simple. The colour has a bit of varigation in it but not much. Not enough for another "my so called scarf"...


Amy Lane said...

Wow--you guys are a cute couple--and the babies (kitties!) are adorable!!!

You shall have to let me know how the MS goes--I've seen pictures on other blogs, and it's looking so gorgeous!!!

Maggie Tipping said...

I have pretty much given up on the mystery stole, I have so much else to knit that I don't think I could ever catch up now!