Wednesday, 25 July 2007


I am making 8-9 of these (6 are gifts for friends, well their cats but is there much of a difference?). I will take a picture of all of them when they are complete. I have 4 done. They are quick to whip up. The pattern is from Knitty (Feline Dim Sum) and the yarn is Patons Classic Merino Wool.


Maggie Tipping said...

So cute!! I thought about making some of those but never got around to it. I have made my kitty some of these - and she really loves them! The hard part is getting them stuffed with cat nip because she gets in the way!

Amy Lane said...

How wonderful! (And I love the play on words...wonton,'s a pun with a word with three parts of speech...a feast for the language libertine...)

Susan said...

Hi Catie. You've been busy. Love the lace you're knitting -- you knit like an expert. Block like one too.

Love your anniversary photo idea. Wish I'd thought to do the same. 17 years in now and it's odd when I actually take the time to look at the family photos scattered around the house. Did we really look like that??? Amazing.

I'm exercising with no visible results too, though I've got about 20 years (& from the looks of things, 20 pounds) over you so I probably can't hope for much more than "heart health." Bleh. Sweets are my downfall too. I found sometimes in the winter that a cup of cocoa could help conquer the chocolate cravings. The other thing that used to help me was a cup of flavored coffee (black, no sugar) because they taste kind of sweet even without sugar -- especially flavors like French Vanilla or Irish Cream.

Cute kitties!