Monday, 15 October 2012

Ellie & Zoie

I don't think I've ever properly introduced the girls to y'all before - or maybe I have but it was awhile ago. I have 2 snuggly indoor kitties that keep me company while I do almost anything around the house - they help out when I'm brushing my teeth, making dinner, having breakfast, and of course knitting and spinning. They also inspect the stash.

3/4 of my stash lives in this cedar chest - it was my Grandma Mary's hope chest. The girls don't look great in this photo but it is pretty accurate in terms of how they are helpful. Here I opened the chest and Ellie came and took up a guard position right away. I left the room for a moment and I think when I got back Zoie was trying to dig a spot for herself. Ellie is the grey kitty and Zoie is the black and white kitty. I don't have many non-blurry photos of Zoie because she is always coming to me for snuggles.

They are mixed breed cats - 100% of the snuggle variety. Ellie likes to guard me while I sleep - and starts giving me pointed looks if I go to bed too late. They don't like strangers - they prefer that our attention is focused solely on them. They really don't like strangers that come with suitcases...

Ellie is about 2 weeks older than Zoie - but they came from the same breeder (no idea why they had 2 litters of cats that weren't purebred).

Ellie loves food and is content to just sit beside me a lot of the time.

Zoie instead lives for snuggles and would rather snuggle than eat - and sometimes she likes to snuggle under the covers. She is also a very messy eater - she prefers her food outside of a dish, ideally on a rug...

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