Monday, 1 March 2010

I made 5 penguins for the man for Christmas - somehow he was surprised even though I knit them in in the living room while he played games.

Linux-like penguin - pattern by Hannah Kaminsky

Bunny the Penguin (originally a bunny pattern - Blob the Bunny) - pattern by Emily Stoneking
All modifications explained on Ravelry

Penguin (Ravelry link) - pattern by Jean Greenhowe - this is my favorite of the 5 penguins so here's 2 pictures

Penguin (Ravelry link) - pattern by Amy Gaines

Macaroni Penguin (Ravelry link) - pattern by Fuzzymitten


Anonymous said...

oh those penguins are gorgeous!!! Nice work!

Louiz said...

Very cute penguins. I love a nice penguin myself:)

val said...

Catie I love your gorgeous knitted friends. Pity I don't knit!! But I do have relatives in Calgary!
Hope you have time to stop by my blog :0)
love Val

Laura said...

Those penguins are the cutest things I have seen in a very long time! Good job!

Denise said...

They are all very cute, but I think I like FuzzyMittens' one the most ... I've just knit her bunny puppet, which is also super cute!

LOL about knitting them in full view. These boys, they just don't pay attention, do they?!