Monday, 16 February 2009

Sherpa, popolo antico (Sherpa, an ancient people)

My Nonno wrote several books and while he was still alive my mother translated one of the books - Sherpa - so that we could share it with friends and family who didn't know how to read Italian. The file is long lost but I have a print copy and a hand written copy. Now I am adding to the translation - refining some word selections and making a digital file. It is slow work because I have other demands on my time. I was working on it this past spring but then the Thesis got in the way. I just restarted today and am again amazed at how connected I feel with Nonno Alberto.

One of my favorite memories of Nonno involves one of his books - you see he wrote at least two trail guides - one for the Val Tournenche and one for the Valle d'Aosta. Unlike some of his other books, like Sherpa, these two were publically available. And I remember one time a man recognized my Nonno and asked for his autograph. Nonno was so happy to see someone using his book.

I may soon have another big project that will connect me with my memories of my Nonno - as soon as I know for sure that I will be allowed to do it I will let y'all know about it.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful! It's not work when it's a labor of love.