Sunday, 1 February 2009

MDK: Mitered square blanket

So now that many of the squares are done and blocked it is time to decide how to sew them up. I figure that there are four options:

#1: Match the major colours (the outer colour)

#2: Alternate between the major and minor colours within a single block

#3: Peseudo-random - no matching colours within a block and no matching colours touching

#4: Major colours touching on the diagonal

I think I'm leaning towards #2 or #3 - my only concern is that the blocks may not fit the pattern completely if I go with #2 and I don't want to knit many more blocks. What do you think? Once I decide on the pattern I'm going to lay the blocks out, photograph and then sew them up.

Once sewn up, I'm going to put a border on this thing even though it will be plenty huge - just to stop the edges from curling and to give the thing a bit of cohesiveness. I'd also like to use up more of the yarn. Then I will back the thing with fabric and sew the blocks to the back fabric - with no batting because I don't want it peaking through. The reasons are two fold - I don't want to darn in that many ends but more importantly, I think a blanket this size needs some stability so that it doesn't get bent out of shape. The yarn is not pure wool or cotton - it is Patons decor which has a 25% acrylic (I think) so that the whole thing is machine washable. Not that I'm sure it would fit in my washer...


Louiz said...

2 is nice, but they all are... a point about the washing machine (because I made a huuuuuge blanket years ago and know what I'm talking about!) see if it will fit in the washer at your local laundrette, they usually have a super big washer, because no matter how careful you intend to be it will need a wash, if only once in a blue moon! Mine I have to hand wash, despite making it in washable yarn. And it takes days and days!

Bells said...

Oh touch choice. I'm not sure. It's one of the reasons I haven't done one of these yet. I think the colour stuff woudl drive me insane with fear!

But I think you are right. #2. I like a more random approach. #1 is pleasing to the eye, but a little too perfect, maybe?